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Litigation and Legal Research


Get the representation you need for Civil Disputes or White Collar Crime. Thorough Research and Preparation Provides you with The Best Chance at Winning Your Case.

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Construction and Business


Contracts, Business Formation, Planning and Negotiations. Want Results? We have the Expertise to Give you the Advantage in Any Meeting, Negotiation or Deal.

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Daily Advisors for Success


Do you wonder how she does it?

How does success come to him SO easily?

We Know. Balanced Life. Spiritual Success. Rewarding Relationships. Peace of Mind. 

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Clarity of Mind


The Whirlwind Can Prevent Clear Judgment in Hard Situations, or Crucial Meetings. Be Prepared. Coaching on Techniques and Discernment Will Lead to Clarity of Mind. Planning and Advising. Meet with Us Before Your Next Event.

Audit and Law Suit Defense


Being Sued? IRS or Bankruptcy proceedings brought against you? We will Protect You and Your Company. Our Team will do the Dirty Work, so you can Focus on Your Priorities.

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Don't Hire a Lawyer. Hire a Professional. We are entrepreneurs. Our clients are entrepreneurs. We Know the Details Matter. Have Professionalism by Your Side.